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How We Make A Pizza

Sugar, water, salt? Nope. Pre-made dough? No, thank you. Rage Pizza takes quality seriously. While we can’t share all of our secrets with the world – A.J. is protective of his recipes – we can let you in on some of our processes.

We use an exceptional combination of ingredients – including our special spices – to set the stage for our homemade dough. Once the ingredients are mixed to a delicious consistency we remove the dough from the bowl and give it a little love smack – for good luck, and great taste. From there, the dough is flattened, stretched, docked (no air bubbles here), hand-tossed, and sauced with our homemade blend. We add a sprinkle of cheese, the toppings you love, and another layer of cheese to hold it all together, then we toss that baby in the oven. But the magic doesn’t end there. We brush the entire crust with our homemade garlic butter, dust the pizza with our special spice recipe – and before we hand over the goods*, we make sure to show off our finished product to the lucky customer. Then we close the lid and send you on your way, with a delicious, warm, personalized pizza. You smile. We smile. Fin.

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Fresh is a word that has lost a lot of its meaning. So we’ll be crystal clear. When we say fresh we don’t mean fresh from the fridge. We mean fresh from our kitchen, and whenever possible, fresh from our community. We use all handcrafted dough made from scratch. The dough we use, the spice blends we add, and the sauce we serve are always created from in-house recipes. We work hard to partner with local farmers to use ingredients seeded, planted, sewn, raised, and harvested right here in Brighton, Michigan. That’s why Rage Pizza provides a taste you simply can’t get anywhere else.

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